Welcome to The Freshford Bakery & Deli


Here at The Freshford Bakery and Deli, we love to create all things artisan, and honest.

Passionate to maintain a high quality in all we do, but still to have fun and create products that we also really
love, using traditional baking techniques and with premium ingredients to really grasp that freshly baked
flavoursome goodness.

Our delicious range of artisan products- cakes, pastries, rustic bread, pies, flavoured gins, whiskeys & tarts- are all freshly baked and made to order in our village bakery & deli by our wonderful award-winning team.

We aim to continually add new recipes, flavours and products and we always encourage our Head Bakers to develop their ideas and make them a reality, whilst remaining. faithful to the traditions that inspired what we do now.

The beauty is in the bake.